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February 14, 2013


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Neville Ross

Great article and statement. I too won't be buying these, nor will I be supporting any future works of this bigoted Christian fundie nutbar who follows a 'Moronic' (the misspelling is deliberate) cult based on bogus ancient plates that claims Jesus Christ came to North America centuries ago (that includes any movie based on the imperialistic and anti-humanistic Ender's Game trilogy.) This fool and his fellow cultists need to be taught that a book about sky-people and their adventures is not a manual for living on Earth, nor is it a manual for how people should love one another.

I wish that Card could be run out of the science fiction community and left where he is in Moron (misspelling is again deliberate) land to rot, but that would be impossible. All that I can do is just ignore him, and I will do that.

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