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March 22, 2013


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From what I've heard, it's because DC is trying to work their talent to produce faster. They are putting them under unreasonable time constraints, with less creative input. So these guys are leaving and are starting to go the route of Image Comics (ie. creator owned)instead of writing and drawing shlock for DC.

Britton Thompson

DC will absorb these losses, as well as James Robinson's departure, and continue to be a powerhouse. Only among long-time readers does losing a particular writer resonate. New readers have no prior knowledge of who these people are, so they will continue to pick DC because of their characters. Characters are what sell the books; the creators only bring critical acclaim from within the industry. Of course it looks bad, but DC's infrastructure is like no other publisher in the industry with the resources they have available from within. DC will continue to compete and rule the industry because they tell better hero-epics with mythological characters, and Marvel is no longer the "cutting edge", trendy publisher. They are a 50+ year old company with extensive continuity tangles with their characters, and Marvel's main concern is publishing dark and violent stories that offer little character-building story-arcs; shallow, violent stories that offer no introspection and leave intelligent readers unfulfilled. DC still has the most recognized, most beloved heroes, and great artists bringing them to life. But more important, DC has a standard their heroes must meet, which means challanging, soul-searching affairs among their heroes that provide a real depth and receive admiration from intelligent, educated readers.

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